What I use Pinterest For


Let’s face it, Pinterest is addictive! It’s like food for the creative soul. I am going to be transparent, sometimes it is downright discouraging. I look at my fabulous and carefully created boards, then I look around my house and think “Why doesn’t it look like that?” Oh that’s right, because people live in my house. Silly me! Today I want to share with you a productive way to use Pinterest for decorating your home. Instead of using it as a comparing tool that you might not measure up to.

Before designing, decorating, or redecorating a room you need a vision board. I give these to all of my clients. It’s a collage of photos that sets the tone for the whole space. First, start perusing photos of rooms and pin the ones you like. When you decide on a color scheme only add photos that coordinate with these colors onto the board. Once you’re finished take a look and make sure the entire board is cohesive. Screen shot that puppy and hit the stores! Use this Pinterest board as your vision board for your room! Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit the color scheme and overall style you have selected. This method keeps you on a path the whole time you’re decorating!

Here is a photo of the board I made before moving into my apartment. Based on this vision board I knew I wanted to keep things traditional, use wood furniture, and botanical prints. Board

There is no style more perfect than yours. Own it and enjoy it. Happy Pinning!



Favorite Summer Meal

I am constantly looking for quick, inexpensive, and healthy meals to make for dinner. The problem in those three words (quick, inexpensive, and healthy) don’t typically go together! I thought I would share this meal I made that has become my favorite go to for this summer!

Chicken Pesto Spaghetti:


  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Jar of Pesto
  • 2 Chicken Breasts

First I take my squash and poke holes all over it. (Maybe 8-10 total) Then I still the squash in the microwave for apx 8-11 minutes.

While that is cooking, I cube and cook my chicken.

I then take the squash out of the microwave, slice it in half, remove the seeds (guts) and begin to fork out the “spaghetti noodles” onto my plate.


I put a dollop of pesto, and stir it into the noodles, add my chicken and eat! Very fast, very yummy!


I would love to hear your favorite summer meals? Comment below!



Memorial Day Mantle

Hello friends!

I decorated a mantle for Memorial Day. When decorating for seasons and holidays I never want to get too cheesy and tacky. This is my take on a patriotic themed mantle. (Use it for both Memorial Day & 4th of July!)


Everything you see is available at Hobby Lobby (minus the clock, which is available in my shop). While I am a huge supporter of local businesses, when I do these “challenges” I like to do them at easily accessible stores so all my readers can replicate it.


I first purchased 2 yards of both stripe and star fabric. I gathered the fabric and secured it with floral wire. The candlesticks, florals, lantern, fabric and galvanized stars are all available at Hobby Lobby. The large clock is for sale in my shop located within Kat & Co in St. Joseph MO.

FullSizeRender (2)

Most of all, thank you to our selfless troops who sacrifice everything for our safety and freedom. I am surrounded by many hero’s in my own family! My handsome Papa (photo below), Uncle Bill, brother in law Landon, Mackenzy, Aunt Becky, and all my Moloney cousins. I love you all so much, thank you for all the work you do!


Mother’s Day Dinner


Mom’s are all together such a special person. They deserve to be honored big time! This year my sister, husband and myself will be out of town for Mother’s Day. We decided to have an early dinner to celebrate together!

I called it The Celebration Of Mothers! I used heirloom dishes and decor from my late grandmothers to honor their memory. Table linens from my maternal grandma Wyla JoAnn (Who this blog is named after), a walnut lazy-susan from my paternal grandmother Jane, and crystal etched glasses from my great grandma Mason! Sometimes the best decorations of all aren’t the Pinterest perfect tablescape, but the sentimental heirlooms to remind us of the legacy set before us.




IMG_4507 (2)

IMG_4505 (2)

How will you be honoring your mother this year?




Long John Living Rooms

Not all of our rooms can be a perfect square with all the windows and doors in the perfect place, and your furniture fits just where it needs to. That’s just not reality. So when my friends Trevor and Amy approached me about helping with their living room I was happy to take on the challenge.

Here’s the room:




Recommendations I made on this room:

  • Buy multiple, more petite furniture pieces, and spread them across the room.
  • Group like-items so collections don’t look as cluttered.
  • Keep it neutral to make the room look larger. Go bold on smaller accessories.

With a lot of brainstorming here is the final look:




My advice on difficult rooms is when you don’t like something, pretend you did it on purpose. Embrace the shape of the room, color of your counter tops, or carpeting you just can afford to replace right now. If you work with the pickle, it’s not so sour in the end!

Clark the pug gives it 2 paws up!


DIY Dresser Refinish

The evolution of our bedroom! Let’s be transparent,  decorating is a process. So if your house or a certain room in your home doesn’t look just how you want it, it’s okay! This room still isn’t exactly how I want it, and that’s okay. I am waiting out for the right pieces at the right price!


I have never refinished furniture like this before. I am here to give you the honest truth. Not the perfect blog that makes it look SUPER easy and effortless. Willa Interiors is for the purpose of bringing great design to every person. What I want more than anything is for you to know that you can do it! No matter how creative, crafty, or what kind of decorating budget you have, you can do it!

So here is our dresser. This was a set that Ethan grew up with and we inherited! (Praise the Lord for hand-me-downs from our parents!) My mother in law is all about refinishing furniture so with her blessing I tackled this project. I read several tutorials online. It seemed easy enough, so I headed to Home Depot!


I purchased Citristrip and Sandpaper. I also used a scraper blade and a boat load of rags!

I poured the Citristrip on the surfaced and let it bubble for a few hours… okay days. I am notorious for starting projects at the worst time ever and not being able to finish in a timely manner. It’s my M.O. The point of mentioning this is to say even if you ‘break the rules’ and take your husband’s parking space for days, it’ll still work out! He’ll thank me later.

I scrapped the finish off the  drawers and sanded them down clean. I primed the dresser and nightstand first. Then I gave it 2 coats of white chalk paint. I spray painted the wooden knobs with metal hammered spray paint! Here is the finished look!


Thoughts: It was therapeutic to scrap the finish off the dressers. The only con is it took FOR-EV-ERRR (in the voice from sandlot). I like how it turned out, and I especially liked the price for my new bedroom furniture!

Final Verdict: Dedicate a whole weekend to these sorts of projects like a normal, sane person would.




St. Patrick’s Day Table

My mission with Willa Interiors is to show people in my community that they don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate their homes. There is a plethora of options out there, I am just here to show you how to use those resources!

I wanted to create a St. Patrick’s Day table, without using the tacky tinsel. Please no. I decided to further challenge myself to go to the most unlikely of places to shop for my items to show that you can decorate affordably from almost any retail store!

I am calling this: The Dollar Tree vs. The Dollar Aisle Challenge

I created 2 table arrangements. One with products only found at the Dollar Tree, and the other from the Dollar Aisle at Target. Who won? I will let you be the judge of that. Each table arrangement was around $20 (not including the plates).

D O L L A R  T R E E |



Products Used:

  1. 4 Black and White striped place mats. First of all, WHO KNEW. My love for a classic black and white print was all over this find!
  2. 2 square candle holders
  3. A glass candle stick
  4. A leprechaun hat used as a centerpiece vase
  5. 2 bags of gold coins to fill the candle holders. This is the cheesiest part of the arrangement, but they were fun!
  6. Mixture of silk Hydrangea’s and greenery florals
  7. Gold battery operated tea lights

Ticket total $19.57

D O L L A R  A I S L E |




Products Used:

  1. Cream cake stand
  2. “Pinch Me” block sign
  3. Mercury glass candle (which smells fabulous btw.)
  4. 4 glitter hair clips
  5. 4 handkerchiefs (These are cotton, so they don’t feel scratchy. They feel just like a cloth napkin!)

Ticket total: $20.65

Comment below which table you think won the challenge!



Becoming a Minimalist

I recently got into the ideology of minimalism. I have been reading articles and watching documentaries on the topic. I even started Project333. (click here if you’d like to learn what that is!) I am currently on week 4 of the project and I am loving it!

I am not a minimalist by nature, and I will never have a house with 1 table and 2 chairs in an empty dining room. BORING! But I do love the idea of not being attached to our possessions! (As does the Bible)

Here are 3 things I tell myself as I purge.

  1. Love people, not possessions.

If my grandma gave me something, I feel I should never part with it. If you knew my grandmother you’d know she gave me A LOT. Like every time I saw her. It was her love language. But these trinkets that are just sitting in my drawers aren’t being used. So I tell myself, this item is NOT my grandma. I love her and the memories I will always have with her, not this possession.

2. Keep memories, not junk!

With the same mentality I gave myself permission to throw away receipts from my wedding. I am a very sentimental person so I feel like I should keep every note I ever made of my wedding. As I threw out our registry log, wedding notes, and receipts I kept telling myself “This is not my wedding, I have memories and photos!”

3. How much do I need vs. How much do I want

I used to say “I am going to purge my closet, and get rid of things I no longer need/want.” The problem is that I would get caught up in thinking everything I owned was cute (Because DUH it is) and then thinking I should start wearing this more, and getting rid of very little. I have found I have my best success in purging when I first think of how much I use of a particular category before going through it. So I wrote down: 10 socks, 14 undergarments 2 swimsuits, and 5 dresses. Then I go in for the kill! That way I get to shop for my 10 best socks, and purge the rest!

Share your best de-cluttering tip below!



Farmhouse Series – Menards

Thanks to my personal hero, Joanna Gaines, star of HGTV’s hit series Fixer Upper, Farmhouse décor is the rage! I will be doing a series of farmhouse décor in unexpected stores! Today’s feature… Lighting!

Lighting can be a forgotten place for updating your home. I find myself drooling on my keyboard while scrolling through pottery barn’s lighting options. But with prices ranging from $100-$800 most of us just can’t swing that. I was walking through Menards last week and stumbled across some great farmhouse lighting options! My blog’s mission is affordable home décor. Everything I am featuring is less than $100!

$60 and under:

 $80 and under:

$100 and under:

Of course there are countless ways to refurbish outdated light fixtures with a can of spray paint. This post is for the non-crafter, or the light fixture that is beyond help. Visit back to see other unexpected places to find inexpensive farmhouse decor OR sign up for an e-mail alert when new blog posts are up! (The sign up is on the right hand side of this page)