Bless Not Impress


In my newly wed journey I have moved to a new state, church, community, and life! It’s been amazing to see God’s goodness revealed to me during the process ( Let me be real, it’s also been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD.). One of the ways The Lord has brought me encouragement is through the church my husband (and now me as well) attends, Spring Lake Church. Through word of mouth I was put in touch with a wonderful woman who had a desire to see women connect and get involved with other women. She had a vision and needed help with the aesthetics of this summer series she called Tastes and Tidbits. Desperate for a place to serve, make friends, and a creative outlet, I quickly committed to be apart of this bible study! Here is the table settings I put together using only supplies from the Dollar Tree.


While I was setting the tables I mentioned how wrinkled the table cloths were. That’s when my new friend said to me “We are here to bless not impress!” I loved it! That is our goal. Do not do things perfectly, but rather do it with a pure heart! I am sharing my lesson, as well as my party planning secret. You can find cute inexpensive things to decorate with at the Dollar Tree!

Be a blessing to someone today! (Even if it only cost $1)



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