Entry Redo

Today I am featuring a recent entry table redo. The mission defined by my client Sarah and I was simple; REdecorate (shop from home) as much as possible, and keep within a farmhouse style of décor.



The duck was a handmade gift from her grandpa, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into her design. I came up with 3 options for her. Mirror, chalkboard, or clock! Then I showed her how much each project would cost. {She chose chalkboard}

I hit the jackpot walking through Hobby Lobby (my place of therapy). They had a huge Duringchalk board, originally $79.99 marked down to $16! Can I get a whoop whoop? My client LOVES quotes, so I knew she would appreciate a piece in her home where she could update inspirational/fun quotes frequently. I asked her for a quote and she gave me “Good times and tan lines!” Super fun for the summer! I drew a quick hand drawing for her with her quote of choice.

Applying my favorite technique: SHOPPING FROM HOME! I pulled the black lantern and large glass bottle from other area’s of Sarah’s house. To liven up the glass jars I added some artificial greenery. Bright and fresh for summer! Sarah also had these cool crates in various places in her house. TIP: Pulling like items together makes a collection of décor feel more cohesive.

We chose a very light beige with green/gray undertones for her wall color. (Because she is leaving the trim brown). After some playing around, here is what I put together.



The entire cost of this project was $32!

This is why I can’t stress enough the ridiculousness of this idea that you have to have a large budget to decorate your house. My passion is to see people love their homes, and make them a place of retreat for their family and friends!

Disclaimer: The painters weren’t finished in other area’s of thSketch.pnge house, hence the glaring light socket. We’re keeping it real folks!

For a *behind the scenes look* or just a laugh, here are my sketches of the 3 options I gave her.


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