3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

If you are living in a space that isn’t yours, it can be difficult to feel at home. I moved into an apartment last February. Your home should be a place of retreat, even if it’s a temporary living situation.

  1. Knobs/Pulls: One of the first things I did after moving into my apartment was change out the knobs on our closets to something that fit my style.
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Easy
  • Makes a large impact
  • Not a wasteful investment! You can reuse them when you move into a house, or for freshening up a piece of furniture in the future.

 Tips: Shop at Hobby Lobby, they mark their drawer, cabinet, and door knobs 50%! I found mine on clearance and paid $1.40 per knob! Make sure you keep the original knobs in a safe and LABELED bag to replace when it’s time to move again! This would also be great for a rental’s bathroom and kitchen cabinets! (Below are a few designs at Hobby Lobby that I love)

Round Black Hammered Metal KnobClear Antique 1858 Glass KnobWhite Ceramic Knob with Gold Lines


2. Curtains: I went loud with my curtain choice! If all your walls are Cream/White, you afford a loud pattern or color for your space!

Tips: Take down the blinds, hide them under your couch, and double up your curtains instead! I used a light curtain as my “shade” and then framed these with thicker curtains for a POP!


3. Removable Wallpaper: White/Cream walls are trending right now! So that played in my favor, but I’m still a color girl. I decided to wallpaper the small wall in my kitchen with removable chalkboard contact paper (In the chalk board aisle of Hobby Lobby). It’s fun because I can change the chalk drawings to get a completely different look.

Tips: There are a ton of options for removable wallpaper! (At Target and Michaels) I’ve read articles about using fabric as a temporary wallpaper. I haven’t tried it, but if you have comment below!


2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home”

  1. I deed a fabric ceiling for my aunt, one of her rooms had some conditions that were not well.She wanted to hide those. my first te seeomg this was of that when I went o Elvis Presley’s Mansion they had done walls and ceilings with fabric back in the day.That was in seventies and eighty’s.

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