What I use Pinterest For


Let’s face it, Pinterest is addictive! It’s like food for the creative soul. I am going to be transparent, sometimes it is downright discouraging. I look at my fabulous and carefully created boards, then I look around my house and think “Why doesn’t it look like that?” Oh that’s right, because people live in my house. Silly me! Today I want to share with you a productive way to use Pinterest for decorating your home. Instead of using it as a comparing tool that you might not measure up to.

Before designing, decorating, or redecorating a room you need a vision board. I give these to all of my clients. It’s a collage of photos that sets the tone for the whole space. First, start perusing photos of rooms and pin the ones you like. When you decide on a color scheme only add photos that coordinate with these colors onto the board. Once you’re finished take a look and make sure the entire board is cohesive. Screen shot that puppy and hit the stores! Use this Pinterest board as your vision board for your room! Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit the color scheme and overall style you have selected. This method keeps you on a path the whole time you’re decorating!

Here is a photo of the board I made before moving into my apartment. Based on this vision board I knew I wanted to keep things traditional, use wood furniture, and botanical prints. Board

There is no style more perfect than yours. Own it and enjoy it. Happy Pinning!



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