Scandinavian Living Room Design

Scandinavian Living Room Design |

A few months ago I got an email with 3 photos and a message that simply read “Help me.” The homeowner who sent this to me is beyond creative and talented, so I couldn’t believe she wanted little ole’ me to help! Also they live in the most beautiful farmhouse EVER, so when she said she wanted a TOTAL change, I was again blown away, but up for the task!

B E F O R E |


T H E  G O A L S |

  • She is a photographer, so photos are important to her. She asked me what to do with all of them, and how to make them fit into a more modern style.
  • If you noticed the photos on the wall, you could tell that this is a large family. So having a lot of seating is also a priority.
  • Turn this farmhouse into a Mid-century modern/Scandinavian style.

A F T E R |


IMG_7826 IMG_7816 IMG_7798 IMG_7807IMG_7815

P R O B L E M  S O L V E D |

  1. We did a gallery of photos in similar frames, using only in black and white images. This made a lot of photos seem less overwhelming. Also keeping them all black and white makes them mix well together.
  2. While having custom built in cabinets removed was not an easy decision, it gave the family extra room to fit an additional couch and chair!
  3. We successfully stayed within the style and used a lot of throw pillows and fur to make it feel cozy and not too modern that it didn’t fit with the rest of the home.

Thanks for reading!


Hannah Rehn | Willa Interiors


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