Fresh & Fun Game Room!

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you know that my heartbeat is for people to use the space they live in as a tool to be a blessing and form community with others! Well this year I’ve had the chance to help several families design a space for their teens to feel comfortable to invite their friends over. I’ve had parents share their concern about being apart of these formative years for their teens. I could not love these projects and what they represent more! Design is more than simply making a space “look pretty.” It’s about the atmosphere and environment it creates, that sets a tone for all who enter!

B E F O R E |






A F T E R |













There are a couple of things to note here. We lightened up the entire space with a soft light blue, and a white ship lap wall. Installation and painting was done by Kerry Overby Painting Services.  I rotated the entire rooms direction to utilize all the fun games they had in the space, such as Air Hockey, Board Games, Basket Ball Hoop, Treadmill and Wii! Every game and devise is now easily accessible to use and play! 

I wanted to incorporate some type of a “dry bar” to offer snacks and soda to the teenage guests. I found this desk with the EXACT measurements of a mini fridge in the middle. I loved how the shelving on either side offered more snack storage!

The artwork for this room needed to be fun, yet mature enough so that the parents could also invite friends over for a game night and it didn’t have an adolescent feel to the space. I started collecting some game boards and rackets from St. Joseph Auction and Antique. One of my favorite local shops to find unique treasures!

When this project was over, the music to my ears was the homeowner’s daughter in the other room asking her mom if she could have her friends over that weekend to hang out in the basement. I had received the official stamp of approval from the kids. Success!

Thanks for reading!


Hannah Rehn


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