Staged Rental Part 1

So I called a somewhat frantic call from an apartment complex owner. He told me he rented out 2 apartments to house 2 guys each, a total of 4. They would be coming any day to work on a project for several months. The apartments had to be completely furnished. The only thing he had was a storage unit of some odds and ends I could go through. I needed to do the project “as cheap as possible without looking embarrassing” and with that I set off at a breakneck speed for 3 days to get it all done in time!

In the storage unit I found a few accessory pieces, a plaid couch, a poker table and a twin bed frame.

I still needed living room furniture, dishes, small appliances, mattresses, bed frames, the WORKS!

B E F O R E |






My design mentor told me in college, if you don’t like something pretend you did it on purpose. So I decided I’d do a minimalist, modern look. Because I could then get away with as few accessories as possible, and look like I did it on purpose (because I did, duh!)










I knew I needed the front room to really make a good impression, since living rooms tend to be the place most people gather. This needed to feel like a home away from home to the tenants. I had the plaid couch from the storage unit, so I kept most everything else neutral. I used a lot of masculine pieces to complete the look. I flipped the poker table top over and viola a small kitchen table!

This completed the 1st apartment. Stay tuned for part 2!

If you live in the St. Joseph MO area and are looking for an apartment, condo or house to rent, contact Preston Taylor 816.617.1078.

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