Traditional Masculine | Nursery Edition

Today’s featured room is one that is special to my heart. It is my precious baby boy’s nursery! I wanted to design a room he could grow into. One that wasn’t easily dated. So I went with a traditional style. Utilizing deep, rich textiles that will stand the test of time.

A little personal note, our sweet boy was actually born premature. So his nursery still isn’t quite finished. But these photos are our real life, and I love that it was captured.









To Mix Blue and Black, Or Not?

That is the question. Mixing neutrals. Black, Blue, Cream, White, and Brown? Can you mix them? Yes you can!

As I have mentioned before I unintentionally switched from Black everything to now using Navy/Blue more often. Which leads me to mixing the two colors and let me say I LOVE IT! Black and blue are both neutrals, they can absolutely, 100% be mixed! I get asked a lot if you can mix cream and white, and again YES! You do you girl, mix those colors (or lack of color in that case)!

To showcase this color freedom, I am using my current table centerpiece for summer! But don’t be surprised if you see me update the florals and keep this same arrangement going ALL. YEAR. LONG. I like to show case how to do things the easy way, as the viral YouTube video goes “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”




My plan to update this seasonally is that I will incorporate acorns and magnolia garland for fall, and pine garland and berries for winter! The possibilities are endless. I am excited to incorporate the black and white checked table clothes and runners all year! While I would have first thought of this as a summer print, I really think it can work year round. What about you? Would you have thought to mix the two prints together? Are you a fan or still skeptical of the black and blue mixed? I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading!




3 Ways To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

If you are living in a space that isn’t yours, it can be difficult to feel at home. I moved into an apartment last February. Your home should be a place of retreat, even if it’s a temporary living situation.

  1. Knobs/Pulls: One of the first things I did after moving into my apartment was change out the knobs on our closets to something that fit my style.
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Easy
  • Makes a large impact
  • Not a wasteful investment! You can reuse them when you move into a house, or for freshening up a piece of furniture in the future.

 Tips: Shop at Hobby Lobby, they mark their drawer, cabinet, and door knobs 50%! I found mine on clearance and paid $1.40 per knob! Make sure you keep the original knobs in a safe and LABELED bag to replace when it’s time to move again! This would also be great for a rental’s bathroom and kitchen cabinets! (Below are a few designs at Hobby Lobby that I love)

Round Black Hammered Metal KnobClear Antique 1858 Glass KnobWhite Ceramic Knob with Gold Lines


2. Curtains: I went loud with my curtain choice! If all your walls are Cream/White, you afford a loud pattern or color for your space!

Tips: Take down the blinds, hide them under your couch, and double up your curtains instead! I used a light curtain as my “shade” and then framed these with thicker curtains for a POP!


3. Removable Wallpaper: White/Cream walls are trending right now! So that played in my favor, but I’m still a color girl. I decided to wallpaper the small wall in my kitchen with removable chalkboard contact paper (In the chalk board aisle of Hobby Lobby). It’s fun because I can change the chalk drawings to get a completely different look.

Tips: There are a ton of options for removable wallpaper! (At Target and Michaels) I’ve read articles about using fabric as a temporary wallpaper. I haven’t tried it, but if you have comment below!


Willa Interiors

Welcome to Willa Interiors blog! My name is Hannah Rehn. I am a wife, daughter, creative soul, and interior decorator! I have been passionate about decorating since I was a little girl. I believe everyone should love the environment they live in. I hear a common misconception from friends and family.

“I can’t afford to have a decorated home”

Between crafting, thifting, and the well loved website Pinterest I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! That is my whole purpose with this blog. To empower women in my life to make their environment beautiful! I am just a newly wed starting out, but I invite you into my nesting journey! I arranged a bookcase a few weeks ago and thought to myself “Does that look right?” I actually told myself it didn’t, but as I walked around my apartment doing the rest of my chores I kept glancing over at it. I realized I really liked how it came out. That’s when the light bulb went off. Why do we ask ourselves “Does that look right?” instead lets ask ourselves “Do I like how that looks?” Let’s make our homes welcoming, so we can share them with others! That’s my goal. Thanks for visiting!