Glamorous Master Bedroom

In a world of farmhouse, chippy, rustic decor… I’m still a glitter and glam kinda girl! So when this homeowner told me she preferred the glam look, I was so elated to get to stretch my design muscles and tackle the project!

| B E F O R E |



(Don’t worry, the pup stayed in the new design plans)


| A F T E R |






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Valentine’s Day Mantle

Okay, I’m going to say something a little crazy. I don’t like Valentine’s Day decor. It’s not the colors, or the theme, or the holiday itself. But when you walk down the Valentine Decor Aisle it all looks like you’re throwing a children’s party.

I encourage you to think outside of the box for Valentine’s Day decor. Think all things whimsical, romantic, and shabby chic for your Valentine’s decor.






I purchased old books while they were on sale at my local thrift store. For some I covered with scrapbook paper that looks like old love letters. The other’s I ripped the covers off of. Then I wrapped the books with a soft, pink velvet ribbon.



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Thanksgiving Table-scape

Recently Willa Interiors was featured on the cover of the Josephine Magazine. I arranged a Thanksgiving table-scape, mixing pine garland with my leaves to give it that cozy winter feel. Here are some photos from the photo shoot, hopefully you’ll feel inspired for when you set your table next week!

You can check out the full article here for more info on what dishware I used.




IMG_7108 IMG_7087IMG_7458

Dining Room | Fall Decor

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.” – Raquel Franco

Fall is no doubt one of the most beautiful times of the year! I wanted to share my Fall table-scape with you, to inspire for the new season approaching!




T H E  D E T A I L S |

My new obsession, cabinet wreaths!

Alert! Alert! My new obsession, cabinet wreaths.

Okay fine, wreaths in general. I could put them on every wall, in every room and probably see no problem in it. Ethan has to stop me in my madness from time to time!

So I recently refinished this Hoosier Cabinet in my kitchen. (Read all about that HERE!) I had this idea to hang small wreaths on the front cabinets. These are the artificial boxwood wreaths I used on the pews at my wedding. Hello re-purposing! I wanted to breath new life into them, so I picked up a bag of small faux lemons from Hob-Lob. I then hot glued an odd number of lemons on the wreaths. (Tip: Things look better in odd numbers!)




What do you think of my super easy and fun summer wreaths? Stay Tuned: I am going to make mini wreaths for every season!


What I use Pinterest For


Let’s face it, Pinterest is addictive! It’s like food for the creative soul. I am going to be transparent, sometimes it is downright discouraging. I look at my fabulous and carefully created boards, then I look around my house and think “Why doesn’t it look like that?” Oh that’s right, because people live in my house. Silly me! Today I want to share with you a productive way to use Pinterest for decorating your home. Instead of using it as a comparing tool that you might not measure up to.

Before designing, decorating, or redecorating a room you need a vision board. I give these to all of my clients. It’s a collage of photos that sets the tone for the whole space. First, start perusing photos of rooms and pin the ones you like. When you decide on a color scheme only add photos that coordinate with these colors onto the board. Once you’re finished take a look and make sure the entire board is cohesive. Screen shot that puppy and hit the stores! Use this Pinterest board as your vision board for your room! Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit the color scheme and overall style you have selected. This method keeps you on a path the whole time you’re decorating!

Here is a photo of the board I made before moving into my apartment. Based on this vision board I knew I wanted to keep things traditional, use wood furniture, and botanical prints. Board

There is no style more perfect than yours. Own it and enjoy it. Happy Pinning!



Favorite Summer Meal

I am constantly looking for quick, inexpensive, and healthy meals to make for dinner. The problem in those three words (quick, inexpensive, and healthy) don’t typically go together! I thought I would share this meal I made that has become my favorite go to for this summer!

Chicken Pesto Spaghetti:


  • Spaghetti Squash
  • Jar of Pesto
  • 2 Chicken Breasts

First I take my squash and poke holes all over it. (Maybe 8-10 total) Then I still the squash in the microwave for apx 8-11 minutes.

While that is cooking, I cube and cook my chicken.

I then take the squash out of the microwave, slice it in half, remove the seeds (guts) and begin to fork out the “spaghetti noodles” onto my plate.


I put a dollop of pesto, and stir it into the noodles, add my chicken and eat! Very fast, very yummy!


I would love to hear your favorite summer meals? Comment below!



Mother’s Day Dinner


Mom’s are all together such a special person. They deserve to be honored big time! This year my sister, husband and myself will be out of town for Mother’s Day. We decided to have an early dinner to celebrate together!

I called it The Celebration Of Mothers! I used heirloom dishes and decor from my late grandmothers to honor their memory. Table linens from my maternal grandma Wyla JoAnn (Who this blog is named after), a walnut lazy-susan from my paternal grandmother Jane, and crystal etched glasses from my great grandma Mason! Sometimes the best decorations of all aren’t the Pinterest perfect tablescape, but the sentimental heirlooms to remind us of the legacy set before us.




IMG_4507 (2)

IMG_4505 (2)

How will you be honoring your mother this year?