Farmhouse Dining Room

Long time, no blog! The “slow” season of decorating was anything but this year! I want to share with you a house I designed last spring (hence the bunnies and eggs in October!)

I not only fell in love with this home, but I came to adore the whole family that lived inside of it! They are the kindest people, and they have such a warm spirit in their home. So when they contacted me to design some of the rooms in their home, so that they could entertain their daughter’s friends more I was beyond thrilled. They make you feel so welcomed, and to me that’s the most beautiful part of a home. The warm, welcoming, spirit placed there by the people who occupy it!

The dining room was currently being used as a sitting room off the main living room. Since this area was the best place for a large table, I recommended turning it back into a traditional dining room.

The homeowner was drawn to fresh, airy, white rooms with a minimalist feel. Not too cluttered, not too empty!

B E F O R E |





A F T E R |








Instead of removing the chair rail I opted to have the bottom half painted white to give it a wainscoting look. I kept the top airy, yet colorful with this light green. It’s called “Emmy’s Room” from the Joanna Gaines paint collection. I have used it several times since! It is the perfect combination of the light farmhouse look, while still adding some color to a space!

I kept the wall art to a minimum with just 2 focal points. This was intentional to keep the wall art from overwhelming the eye. I chose a fresh centerpiece with greenery to add a natural element to the room. What I love about this centerpiece is how easy it can transition through the seasons. The homeowner can leave it up spring through summer and simply add some fall berries for autumn decor, and swap the moss balls for snowballs and a little evergreen for the winter!

The buffet has a mirrored front which kept the space open and added more light. I purchased it from Jamie’s Secret Garden. The Dining Room table is from Nebraska Furniture Mart.

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Glamorous Master Bedroom

In a world of farmhouse, chippy, rustic decor… I’m still a glitter and glam kinda girl! So when this homeowner told me she preferred the glam look, I was so elated to get to stretch my design muscles and tackle the project!

| B E F O R E |



(Don’t worry, the pup stayed in the new design plans)


| A F T E R |






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Springtime Entryway

This homeowner still loved many of her entryway pieces, but just was tired of looking at them everyday. There is no better season than SPRING, to freshen things up!

| B E F O R E |


| A F T E R |


I love setting my homeowners up for easy seasonal transitions with each design I complete. For this space all she has to do is replace the bouquet in the vase. Life Hack: Use a fuzzy pipe cleaner around your flowers & a cheap dollar store vase to keep your arrangement in place while they’re being stored from season to season. All you have to do is poke them back in the vase! I am all about working smarter, not harder!

(Yes I got too excited to snap a picture and hadn’t cut my tags off… again)

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St. Joseph Chiropractic

St. Joseph Chiropractic reached out to me to help them with their new office. They were currently in one location, but recently had purchased another office and were almost completely gutting the new place. It was so fantastic to get to work with Kurt Evans, the contractor who Dr. Maddox had selected. Getting to choose some of the “bones” and structural design aspects really helped in the whole process!

B E F O R E: Original Office Design




B E F O R E: New Office





A F T E R:






D E T A I L S:

We wanted to give the office a spa like atmosphere. Incorporating more feminine, metallic, and natural greenery from plants. When clients come for treatments they should leave feeling refreshed, and the designs should reflect that.

With a smaller space to work with, I chose simple things with high impact:

  • Accent pattern wall in every room
  • Pop of color through the use of velvet navy furniture
  • Marble/silver tables throughout the office
  • Large posters with motivational quotes specific to the industry
  • Clean modern wood flooring

It was a fun project to work on. The staff at St. Joseph Chiropractic were so kind and wonderful to work with. I have since gone back and used their services for myself. If you are in the St. Joseph MO area and want a better idea of what’s going on inside of your body, I highly recommend Dr. Craig Maddox and his team at St. Joseph Chiropractic.

Holiday Homes Tour

This Christmas season I had the pleasure of partnering with local designer Jamie Withrow for the Kansas City Symphony Holiday Home’s Tour! We spent countless hours brainstorming, designing, and eventually implementing the Christmas decor for the home we were assigned. All products used are available at Jamie’s Secret Garden in St. Joseph MO.

It was the opportunity and experience of a lifetime! I truly had to keep pinching myself… sometimes to stay away on the drive home of multiple 14 hours days, but mostly because it was such a dream come true!


The Great Room:

066a9939-hdr (1)


066A9942 (1).jpg


066a0004 (1)


066a0028 (1)


The Hearth Room:

066a0078-hdr (1)

066a0090-hdr (1)

066a0093 (1)

066a0714 (1)

066a0113 (1)

066a0107 (1)

066a0127 (1)

The Den:

066a0408-hdr (1)

The Master Bedroom:

066A0188-HDR (1).jpg

066a0210-hdr (1)

066a0219 (1)

The Kid’s Living room:




Thank you for taking a virtual tour of this Holiday Homes Tour! I’d love to hear what your favorite room was, please comment below!

Wall Art Installation

I was recently contacted by a homeowner who had made so many wonderful design decisions in her newly built home, but she just wanted a second opinion for wall art. I selected several pieces and took them to her home to install. I am so please with the results. She has a fun style and was willing to try some “out of the box” ideas!

T I P S | 

One thing I love doing is pushing the limit on the scale of wall art. Go big! If your standing in Hobby Lobby and you think the 11×14″ frame will work, I encourage you to size up. It makes your room look more high end and your walls appear bigger.

B E F O R E |


A F T E R |


B E F O R E |


A F T E R |



B E F O R E |


A F T E R |


Contact me to book your wall art installation!


Hannah Rehn

Valentine’s Day Mantle

Okay, I’m going to say something a little crazy. I don’t like Valentine’s Day decor. It’s not the colors, or the theme, or the holiday itself. But when you walk down the Valentine Decor Aisle it all looks like you’re throwing a children’s party.

I encourage you to think outside of the box for Valentine’s Day decor. Think all things whimsical, romantic, and shabby chic for your Valentine’s decor.






I purchased old books while they were on sale at my local thrift store. For some I covered with scrapbook paper that looks like old love letters. The other’s I ripped the covers off of. Then I wrapped the books with a soft, pink velvet ribbon.



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Glamorous Master Bedroom Retreat

Danielle contacted me to help pull her master bedroom together. I was tickled because her stately bedroom set is so timeless, that we had to make this room traditional, elegant and glamorous. (*Singing: These are a few of my favorite things*)

As a mom of 3 boys I wanted this space to be a place of tranquility and beauty for her. Her very own little retreat!

B E F O R E |





Since the midnight walk to the restroom was blocked by the large dresser, we decided to move it completely out of the room and replace it with less bulkier pieces to make the room appear larger.

She also didn’t care for the small window behind the bed, but there was no other wall the bed could go on, so I widen the curtain rod to match the scale of the headboard and used light sheers to deter the eye from looking straight at the window. Now the fabric behind the bed is fresh and airy a feature to the room!

A F T E R |



I opted to only hang wall art on one side of the room. Because the room is a tad narrow and there is the heaviness of the sitting area on the opposing wall, having art on both walls would feel to hectic and cluttered. Sometimes less is more!



The perfect little area for her strap on her superwoman sandals each day!


I added monogram pillows to personalize the area and celebrate the couple! As well as black and white wedding photos framed around the room! I believe wedding photos are a MUST in master bedrooms.

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Hannah Rehn

American Family Insurance Lobby Makeover

I had the privilege of working with the Don Tolly American Family Insurance Agency. They wanted to replace some lobby furniture and update it a little.

When someone starts their relationship with an insurance agency, its typically with their auto insurance policy. I ran with this thought and made the lobby design very industrial, auto inspired, and clean lined.

B E F O R E |






I liked many of the ideas they already had, like this “Team Tolly” display. I just brought it up to date to match the other updates we were making in the space.

Another way we updated the lobby’s function into fashion was the brochure table. The Don Tolly Agency is a huge ambassador for entrepreneurs in the St. Joseph MO area. Don likes to display his customer’s business cards in his lobby. I had the industrial shelving installed at eye level to clean up the brochure table, yet still have them proudly displayed.

A F T E R |