Entry Redo

Today I am featuring a recent entry table redo. The mission defined by my client Sarah and I was simple; REdecorate (shop from home) as much as possible, and keep within a farmhouse style of décor.



The duck was a handmade gift from her grandpa, so I definitely wanted to incorporate that into her design. I came up with 3 options for her. Mirror, chalkboard, or clock! Then I showed her how much each project would cost. {She chose chalkboard}

I hit the jackpot walking through Hobby Lobby (my place of therapy). They had a huge Duringchalk board, originally $79.99 marked down to $16! Can I get a whoop whoop? My client LOVES quotes, so I knew she would appreciate a piece in her home where she could update inspirational/fun quotes frequently. I asked her for a quote and she gave me “Good times and tan lines!” Super fun for the summer! I drew a quick hand drawing for her with her quote of choice.

Applying my favorite technique: SHOPPING FROM HOME! I pulled the black lantern and large glass bottle from other area’s of Sarah’s house. To liven up the glass jars I added some artificial greenery. Bright and fresh for summer! Sarah also had these cool crates in various places in her house. TIP: Pulling like items together makes a collection of décor feel more cohesive.

We chose a very light beige with green/gray undertones for her wall color. (Because she is leaving the trim brown). After some playing around, here is what I put together.



The entire cost of this project was $32!

This is why I can’t stress enough the ridiculousness of this idea that you have to have a large budget to decorate your house. My passion is to see people love their homes, and make them a place of retreat for their family and friends!

Disclaimer: The painters weren’t finished in other area’s of thSketch.pnge house, hence the glaring light socket. We’re keeping it real folks!

For a *behind the scenes look* or just a laugh, here are my sketches of the 3 options I gave her.


Patio Pop

My friend and colleague Sarah just had her deck rebuilt. She is anxious to host a party on it, and she reached out to me for help. She didn’t have a specific style or vision for the space, we were just designing the deck on a budget. (My Specialty)

I told her about the current variety of outdoor pillows at Wal-Mart’s garden center. I know, I know, Wal-Mart. But they really have inexpensive pieces that are very workable. My theory is to save on the area’s you can so that you can splurge on the pieces that will last a lifetime. (much like Sarah’s new fabulous chaise lounges) With that mission in mind we headed out to shop!


Sarah4My current obsession is stripes. They are a classic pattern that isn’t too trendy (it won’t go out of style quickly), but will add a POP to any space! Mixing patterns is another go-to method of mine, it’s current and fresh!


I also walked around her garage/house and found some things to repurpose. A bonus to hiring an interior decorator is you get to have fresh eyes on your existing stuff. Shopping from home is sometimes all a room in crisis needs! (Pictured left) An old planter I found in Sarah’s garage. We removed the lantern and dusted it off. Good as new! I loved the basket weave! (Pictured right) Sarah snapped a photo of me leaving the store feeling like Santa! It is rather fitting since her new deck made us feel as excited as children on Christmas morning!



Products used:

  • Blue and white striped pillows: Better Homes and Garden $8.87
  • Cream and coral striped pillows: Better Homes and Garden $8.87
  • Square coral pillows: Wal-Mart $5.00
  • Beige chair cushions: Target {Single $14.99 Double $34.99}
  • Cream planter: Wal-Mart $6.96
  • Plant: Wal-Mart $2.74


Later that evening I received this photo from Sarah! Relaxing in her new retreat!

I am still on the lookout for a few pieces- A table for between the chairs {I just used a stool in place to give her the idea of what we were going for} and a coordinating plant to go on top after we find said table. I am also looking to hang some patio lights to add a romantic ambiance.




Trend Alert- Marble

I am a firm believer in keeping things timeless! Black and white will always be my go to; however, I do think you should make small updates to keep your space fresh! Large expensive purchases should stay classic, but the inexpensive accessories are where you can afford to be trendy. One of the recent trends that I am obsessed with is MARBLE! My dresser top as a little girl was marble, which I have since converted into a buffet for my current apartment lifestyle. {Pictured Right}marblem

I have found a few inexpensive pieces available for $20 or less to update your home with:

  • Marble ClockTarget
    • This white marble clock would look fabulous on a kitchen wall! $14.99
  • Marble Lamp : Walmart
    • I love this simple lamp design! $19
  • Abstract Statue: Hobby Lobby
    • Set this on top of a stack of books in your bookcase. They have a variety of shapes, for only $7.50 this week!
  • Marble Tray : Etsy
    • I would set this on a kitchen counter with a little lamp and cookbook on an easel. Or in the bathroom with my perfumes on it. The possibilities are endless for this tray! What I love most about trays is that they pull together a bunch of stuff you need to set out on your counter. It makes 10 bottles of perfume look classy versus a bunch of clutter sitting on your counter!

Comment below your successful marble finds!




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Bless Not Impress


In my newly wed journey I have moved to a new state, church, community, and life! It’s been amazing to see God’s goodness revealed to me during the process ( Let me be real, it’s also been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY HARD.). One of the ways The Lord has brought me encouragement is through the church my husband (and now me as well) attends, Spring Lake Church. Through word of mouth I was put in touch with a wonderful woman who had a desire to see women connect and get involved with other women. She had a vision and needed help with the aesthetics of this summer series she called Tastes and Tidbits. Desperate for a place to serve, make friends, and a creative outlet, I quickly committed to be apart of this bible study! Here is the table settings I put together using only supplies from the Dollar Tree.


While I was setting the tables I mentioned how wrinkled the table cloths were. That’s when my new friend said to me “We are here to bless not impress!” I loved it! That is our goal. Do not do things perfectly, but rather do it with a pure heart! I am sharing my lesson, as well as my party planning secret. You can find cute inexpensive things to decorate with at the Dollar Tree!

Be a blessing to someone today! (Even if it only cost $1)



Willa Interiors

Welcome to Willa Interiors blog! My name is Hannah Rehn. I am a wife, daughter, creative soul, and interior decorator! I have been passionate about decorating since I was a little girl. I believe everyone should love the environment they live in. I hear a common misconception from friends and family.

“I can’t afford to have a decorated home”

Between crafting, thifting, and the well loved website Pinterest I am here to tell you, YOU CAN! That is my whole purpose with this blog. To empower women in my life to make their environment beautiful! I am just a newly wed starting out, but I invite you into my nesting journey! I arranged a bookcase a few weeks ago and thought to myself “Does that look right?” I actually told myself it didn’t, but as I walked around my apartment doing the rest of my chores I kept glancing over at it. I realized I really liked how it came out. That’s when the light bulb went off. Why do we ask ourselves “Does that look right?” instead lets ask ourselves “Do I like how that looks?” Let’s make our homes welcoming, so we can share them with others! That’s my goal. Thanks for visiting!