Holiday Homes Tour

This Christmas season I had the pleasure of partnering with local designer Jamie Withrow for the Kansas City Symphony Holiday Home’s Tour! We spent countless hours brainstorming, designing, and eventually implementing the Christmas decor for the home we were assigned. All products used are available at Jamie’s Secret Garden in St. Joseph MO.

It was the opportunity and experience of a lifetime! I truly had to keep pinching myself… sometimes to stay away on the drive home of multiple 14 hours days, but mostly because it was such a dream come true!


The Great Room:

066a9939-hdr (1)


066A9942 (1).jpg


066a0004 (1)


066a0028 (1)


The Hearth Room:

066a0078-hdr (1)

066a0090-hdr (1)

066a0093 (1)

066a0714 (1)

066a0113 (1)

066a0107 (1)

066a0127 (1)

The Den:

066a0408-hdr (1)

The Master Bedroom:

066A0188-HDR (1).jpg

066a0210-hdr (1)

066a0219 (1)

The Kid’s Living room:




Thank you for taking a virtual tour of this Holiday Homes Tour! I’d love to hear what your favorite room was, please comment below!

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